New Bernabeu, The Most Beautiful Gift to Close Ramos Career

Real Madrid officially restored their headquarters to serve their opponents, the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, in August last year. Even so, this renovation was carried out at the same time as the match held by Real Madrid when competing.

Until finally, this renovation activity was stopped because of local government regulations to eliminate various outdoor activities due to the Corona outbreak which had become a country with a lot of case status.

The good news, now the government has begun to relax regulations for the implementation of outdoor activities. This indicates if the implementation of La Liga which had stopped yesterday will begin again soon.

Even so, in the end, the Real Madrid club itself decided to focus its renovation activities on the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and take the option to play in another stadium for a while until the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium was completely renovated. Maxbetsbobet

Word got out if the update at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium became a special gift for Ramos. Although he has not yet decided when to hang up his boots, Ramos has no intention at all to leave Real Madrid until his football career ends.

Confession from agent Ramos

Rene Ramos, agent, and brother of Sergio Ramos, admitted that if he was happy, the new Santiago Bernabeu Stadium would be a special gift for his brother when he decided to end his career in the world of football.

However, at the age of 34 years, Ramos still has not shown himself to withdraw from the world of football that he loved. Ramos also has not shown a decline in performance despite his age.

The captain and the mainstay player in the first team

Even though he is no longer young, and there are so many talented players in the team, Zinedine Zidane’s confidence to move the armband from Ramos’s arm is unlikely to ever happen.

Ramos is still often a mainstay to fill the Real Madrid defense so that opponents are not easy to score. Not only that, but Ramos also will not hesitate to go forward to help his team build the attack as well.

The most senior player

Since being brought in from Sevilla in 2005, his position in the defensive line cannot be replaced by anyone. Until now, there is no most senior player but himself in the Los Blancos first team. Ramos and Casillas were the most senior and loyal players of Real Madrid before their former teammates.

Stadion Di Stefano

During the renovation of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, the management of the Real Madrid has decided to choose the Di Stefano Stadium as their temporary base for further action events which had previously been temporarily stopped due to the Corona outbreak.

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Whereas beforehand the management of Real Madrid itself has not decided for certain which stadium they will use to continue La Liga to end this season. The stadium was chosen officially by Stefano itself after the approval by UEFA.

Because it is not as big and as good as the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, the management of Real Madrid was asked to do a series of preparations at the Di Stefano Stadium. The various set of preparations in question are like a television screen and also a VAR system to assist the referee’s performance in watching the game later.

Angel Di Maria: I’m glad I finally moved to Barcelona

Had circulated the news of the move Paris Saint Germain winger, Angel Di Maria, will move to Barcelona in recent weeks. This is because the position of Angel Di Maria himself in the first team began to be disturbed because of the presence of Neymar. Hearing this news, Barcelona was interested in recruiting him if Angel Di Maria plans to leave Paris Saint Germain.

Angel Di Maria himself is one of the best players in the Argentine national team, who often accompanies Lionel Messi at the forefront, as well as being a frontline mainstay in the Paris Saint Germain first team before Neymar arrives at Paris Saint Germain, two years after he arrived from the club from England, Manchester United.

Even so, Angel Di Maria did not put any interest in the uniform of the Blaugrana club clothes. He also admitted to judibolaterbaik at this time he still felt very comfortable in Paris Saint Germain, and there were no plans to move at this time.

Canceled sold by Paris Saint Germain

Rumors regarding the sale of Angel Di Maria by Paris Saint Germain to Barcelona have happened before. Several clubs have expressed the plan to Angel Di Maria directly. He also responded by refusing and deciding not to be sold to one of the La Liga clubs.

Sometime later, Paris Saint Germain also announced that it was discouraged to sell Angel Di Maria to Barcelona. Suddenly this news also made Angel Di Maria feel calm and happy because he had felt disturbed and uncomfortable about the news of his transfer plan.

Of course, this makes Barcelona quite disappointed because they have prepared everything to welcome the arrival of the winger to improve their first team. As an additional plan, it finally decided to buy Ousmane Dembele from Borussia Dortmund after failing to bring in Angel Di Maria.

Feel comfortable and fall in love with Paris Saint Germain

Angel Di Maria admitted that he was very satisfied to play for Paris Saint Germain at this time. This statement of satisfaction seems to be in line with his family, which is very happy and comfortable living in France so far. They also have no plans, not even a plan at all to move from the city they love.

Angel Di Maria himself has decided if he wants to end his career in Europe, then he wants if Paris Saint Germain is the last club that he defended and became the last home for this career. Henceforth, he also admitted if he had not planned it. He is currently just focusing and trying to be as good as possible on the pitch for Paris Saint Germain.

Back improved after being released by Manchester United

Previously, Angel Di Maria defended the English club, Manchester United, before finally anchored at Paris Saint Germain. While at Manchester United, Angel Di Maria himself did not perform well enough, like his previous club, Real Madrid.

Feeling disappointed, the Manchester United club finally released Angel Di Maria to Paris Saint Germain permanently. Angel Di Maria was at Manchester United fairly briefly, because he only spent one season defending one of the English clubs.